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is asked to inform the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands. Namely, it helps lubricates our genitals during sex. But theres no need to bombard our junk with industrial-strength detergent to get rid of smegma. Nuts to that, I say! Any use of this material for advertising, targeting commercial offers or similar activities is explicitly forbidden and liable to result in legal action. But smegma is far from some godforsaken curse of humanity, at least usually. Just maybe not be so freaked out. ; l www, profielen./nl, profielen. Particularly in uncircumcised men, it helps ensure that the foreskin can easily slide on and off the glans, or head, of the penis without irritation (though cut fellows still produce it).

Markerkant AN almere Netherlands dnssec: yes Domain nameservers: t Record maintained by: NL Domain Registry As the registrant's address is not in the Netherlands, the registrant is obliged by the General Terms and Conditions for.nl Registrants to use sidn's registered office address as a domicile. Joyce Wright, in an 1970 article about smegma in, sexology, assures us that in some men, "the penis remains well preserved and functional even into extreme old age." Joy. On second thought, thats a really weird image. Much like other begroaned bodily secretions like armpit sweat, its about cleanliness.

Host class, iN ttl 888, a Records keeps the names of network devices and IPv4 addresses that use the server type, a ip host class, iN ttl 888, nS records from 's nameservers type, nS target host class, iN ttl 888 type, nS target host. A question I never want answered. No data is hosted by, connected All Limited. Strictly defined, smegma is the end result of dead skin cells and fatty oils primarily shed from certain parts of our genitalia; the inner cavity of the foreskin in men and the folds of the labia minora and clitoris in women. Http/1.1 301 Moved Permanently, cache-Control: no-cache, location: vary: Accept-Encoding. That said, aside from ensuring that youll never know the touch of a romantic partner, letting smegma build-up can be bad for your health. But its waxy, sometimes smelly, composition has lent it a much more provocative nickname: dick cheese.

Another information in the MX records is priority information. So in order to separate fact from fiction, heres the lowdown on smegma and why its not as awful as it sounds. Evolutionarily speaking, we owe a great debt of gratitude (and our sex lives) to smegma. A Friend By Any Other Name. Top Ranks, belgium 9 514, netherlands 63 628, in Other TLDs. It was the perception of sex as a dirty-minded hobby. First things first, as ticking and tocking animal bodies, we excrete oil and water from our skin all the livelong day, and for good reason. This again tends to happen among the younger crowd. As long as we keep ourselves clean, theres not a damn thing wrong with. N.l l profielennl profielenn. In the 1940s and 1950s, it became the latest scientific craze to gather smegma, sometimes from elderly men or horses, and douse mice.

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extreme sexcontacten