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crew, Cain ordered their families shot. William Adama later remarks that she was promoted "to Rear Admiral over half the Commanders on the list". Gaius Baltar access to Gina to continue the interrogation and learn more about the ship, which is identified as a Cylon Resurrection ship. 1 The Cylons attempted to board Pegasus during the attack, leading to the discovery of Gina as a Cylon. As it targeted her, she picked up a folding knife and prepared to defend herself. After jumping into the range of the relay, a fleet of Cylon Raiders jumped in and attacked Pegasus. 1 During the attack, Cain became impressed by the fortitude of her new aide, a young officer named Kendra Shaw, and quickly took the young girl under her wing, giving her the knife she found as a child.

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Cain doubted his judgment, instead preferring to launch a full counterstrike, hoping it would catch the Cylons offguard. 4 5 References Edit. Template:Cite episode. Template:Cite episode.0.1.2 Template:Cite episode Template:Cite episode Template:Cite episode External links no credit card sex dating sites Edit pt:Helena Cain. 3 She leaves considerable disciplinary problems in her wake for later commanders of the Pegasus to deal with. Schnelle Anmeldung, nachrichten lesen schreiben, suche in deiner Umgebung. 1 Pegasus then found 15 refugee civilian ships, but rather than protecting them like Galactica did, Admiral Cain opted to strip these civilian vessels of any useful parts and supplies, draft any civilians who had valuable technical experience into her crew, and then leave the. She was something of a rising star: Commander. Shaw worked with Gina to restore the Pegasus computers, and they discovered a Cylon communications relay nearby. Per Gessle uppträder på hemmaplan, Hallandsposten).

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