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rent Apartments Rooms in Maastricht. From escort meisjes the top of Sint Pietersberg you can take in incredible views of the city and landmarks such as Fort Sint-Pieter. It is a quaint yet lively location to live in Maastricht. Student Accommodation, serviced apartments Maastricht, serviced apartments in Maastricht give working expats and those coming over for short business trips the flexibility they need. A few historical buildings overlooking the harbour have been converted to studios and apartments, with all the comfort and amenities of modern day living within a more historical setting. Youll find something that suits your tastes from small, independent boutiques to modern department stores and large shopping centres. Price are 6/bag first 24h and then 4/bag additional days.

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Each district of Maastricht boasts a variety of apartments, typically with more modern accommodation on the East side of the river and older apartments and housing on the West. The cathedral and other historical sites attract plenty of visitors who might then be tempted to stay for the varied shopping experience. Featured Apartments 995, huurstunt 919, esteon 1,650, huurwoningen 1,750 Huurwoningen 2,000 Huurwoningen 1,300 Huurwoningen Show all apartments Featured Rooms 400 Rooming 350 Huurstunt 350 Kamers 493 Huurstunt 440 Rooming 364 Roomster Show all rooms Maastricht apartments by district With 5 primary districts made. Check out the productinformation. Furnished apartments in Maastricht are ideal for expats and students moving to the city without having to transport all their belongings and furniture overseas with them.

Maastrichts public transport system makes it easy for residents to get around the city by bus, and out to neighbouring cities and countries by train. If you need to visit us, make an appointment first. Monday March 4 (Carnival tuesday March 5 (Carnival monday April 22 (Easter). There are a wide range of apartments for rent in Maastricht with a mix of modern and more traditional accommodation available at prices to suit any budget. Theres the bustling city centre thats filled with historical sites as well as shops, caf├ęs, and restaurants. Serviced apartments often come with cleaning services as well as on site facilities such as a gym and swimming pool. Gemeente Maastricht, general contact information, most services you can arrange online. . More Attractive Areas for Furnished Apartments in Maastricht City Centre Maastricht As already mentioned, the city centre of Maastricht is a wonderful place to call home.